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Intensive Outpatient Programs

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an addiction treatment program that is designed for clients who are ready to return to work, school, and other responsibilities or who do not require a higher level of care. Unlike residential treatment programs, IOP does not require that clients live onsite at the rehab center. Instead, many IOP clients live in their homes, at a sober living house or in another safe living environment while they complete treatment. IOP allows flexibility for clients to focus on their recovery while they transition back into their communities.

The Main Goals of IOP are:

  • Learn how to mitigate risk for relapse and effectively manage a recurrence of symptoms
  • Develop strategies to cope with cravings, triggers, and high-risk situations
  • Establish a strong sober support system
  • Address issues related to social, psychological, and emotional well-being
  • Promote family healing and growth

Advantages of IOP

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers flexibility in the treatment process and can aid in the transition from residential rehab or a higher level of care. IOP gives clients opportunities to be fully engaged in treatment while still maintaining other responsibilities like employment, childcare, or school. At Positive Recovery we offer day and evening options to fit individual needs and provide personalized, valuable treatment services and education.

Here are some of the primary benefits of IOP:

  • Flexibility – IOP gives clients the flexibility to attend to other personal commitments while also prioritizing their recovery and receiving intensive clinical care, family therapy, and treatment for co-occurring disorders.
  • Intensive Care – IOP clients learn how to mitigate risk for relapse and effectively manage a recurrence of symptoms. Whether this is a client’s first treatment experience, or they’ve relapsed, IOP provides accountability by establishing a strong support system. Our program addresses the needs of the individual, as well as his or her family members.
  • Curriculum– IOP at Positive Recovery utilizes the evidence-based tools rooted in positive psychology. These tools support our clients psychologically, emotionally, as well as socially.
  • Family Programming – As clients heal and recover on an individual level, IOP provides opportunities for family members to come together, promoting family healing and growth. 
an iop counselor

In addition to providing tools for sustained sobriety, IOP gives clients an opportunity to develop healthy communication skills as they receive support and feedback from other people in similar situations. This reinforces healthy relationship-building efforts and encourages clients to be honest and open in a safe space.

Empathetic and positive behaviors modeled by treatment professionals and other clients in IOP can also be a valuable teaching tool for people who are new to recovery.

IOP is not only advantageous for the individual client, but also for the family as a whole. Family therapy engages the entire family unit in the recovery process so they can begin to understand and validate each other’s experiences, repair past hurts, and explore the various ways addiction affects family relationships. With the guidance of an addiction treatment professional, clients and their loved ones can learn how to change harmful behaviors and restructure the way the family operates.

IOP Services at Positive Recovery

At Positive Recovery Centers, IOP clients attend 3-4 days per week, (9-12 hours)for approximately  eight weeks. Each group session lasts three hours and is facilitated in a structured, supportive setting led by licensed professionals. 

IOP is customized on a case-by-case basis to address the specific treatment needs of each client. Our program differs from other intensive outpatient programs incorporating Dr. Powers’ scientifically validated and strength-based approach to addiction treatment, called Positive Recovery.

By combining Positive Recovery methods with other evidence-based strategies and treatments, our IOP empowers clients to discover meaning and purpose in their lives without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Is IOP Right for Me?

Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone. The caring and qualified professionals at Positive Recovery Centers are here to help you determine if IOP is right for you.

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