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Online Teletherapy:

We understand that the treatment needs of our clients change daily. Positive Recovery Centers offer a broad range of treatment services both in-person and remote, utilizing a personalized and multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of all clients in varying stages of recovery. To protect the health of all of our clients and staff Positive Recovery Centers is offering Online Treatment Services for outpatient clients across all of our locations effective immediately.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

Positive Recovery Center’s IOP is an addiction treatment program that is designed for clients who are ready to return to work, school, and other responsibilities or who do not require a higher level of care. IOP does not provide round-the-clock supervision but allows flexibility for clients to focus on their recovery while they transition back into their communities.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP):

Positive Recovery Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program is the most intensive form of outpatient treatment available. Sometimes referred to as “day treatment,” PHP is very similar to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) in that it is comprised of individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducation, life skills development, and family therapy. However, PHP provides a higher level of structure and accountability than an intensive outpatient program (IOP) due to the frequency and length of treatment sessions.

Sober Living:

Sober living homes (also sometimes called transitional living or recovery homes) are facilities that provide supportive, safe, and sober housing. They are ideal for people who are exiting residential drug rehab programs, are enrolled in an outpatient drug rehab program, or who do not have a stable living environment or supportive sober network at home.

Sober living homes do not offer the same level of structure found at a residential rehab center. Instead, they provide a balanced mixture of personal freedom and structured living. This encourages a gradual re-entry into society after treatment and promotes healthy coping strategies and daily habits that will help residents maintain lasting sobriety.


Chris Barr

Director of Outpatient and Alumni Services


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