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Family Workshops

Addiction Affects the Entire Family

Recovering from any serious health problem is a family process and addiction is no exception. The road to recovery is often filled with unexpected dips and turns, but family involvement throughout the process is key to navigating the route. 

At Positive Recovery Centers, we promote family healing, personal growth, and life skills development by providing Family Workshops and weekly Family Groups. These services are designed to help you and your loved ones make specific, positive changes that will contribute to lasting recovery from addiction.

Addiction is commonly referred to as a “family disease” because it negatively affects the entire family unit, not just the drug abuser. Most addicted individuals hold down a job, have families, and contribute to society in various ways, creating the illusion that the addiction isn’t that bad. However, ongoing substance abuse usually worsens with time and causes safety issues, mental health problems, financial difficulties, and severely damaging amounts of stress within the home.

Addiction can cause serious harm and ultimately has the potential to tear families apart. Fortunately, this isn’t the only possible outcome and there is hope for families who are suffering. Whether an addicted person seeks help on their own or family members and loved ones host an intervention, asking for help is the first step to healing and recovery. It’s a start to a new beginning.

If drug and alcohol addiction is wreaking havoc on your family, you are not alone. The caring, experienced staff members at Positive Recovery Centers are here to walk with you through this storm. We understand the impact addiction can have on a family and we’re not here to judge or criticize. We offer Family Workshops and weekly Family Group meetings to help our clients and community members face the realities of addiction, repair the damage, and move forward together in recovery.

About Positive Recovery Family Workshops

Positive Recovery Family Workshops are offered every three weeks for clients and their family members as well as members of the community. Our staff uses several different therapies and evidence-based treatment methods to provide meaningful and impactful group work for families. The services and therapies offered during Family Workshops include:

  • Educational lectures
  • Experiential therapy
  • Group therapy activities

About Positive Recovery Family Groups

We also provide Family Group meetings for clients who are enrolled in our outpatient and inpatient programs. These family sessions occur weekly throughout the client’s treatment program.

Weekly Family Group sessions and Family Workshops are different experiences, but both are facilitated by experienced counselors and therapists. These programs are beneficial for all participants because they initiate group healing, encourage sobriety, and promote a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction and the recovery process.

Benefits of Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

Studies show that the family plays an essential role in the recovery of an addicted individual. As a result, family involvement in addiction treatment is not just ideal—it is necessary. There are many benefits of family treatment that can have a lasting impact on the overall health and well-being of a family unit, such as:

  • Addressing the needs of all family members, not just the person in recovery
  • Exploring interdependent family relationships
  • Encouraging positive, healthy behavioral changes
  • Improving the overall effectiveness of treatment for the addicted individual
  • Improving communication skills among loved ones

What Makes Our Family Workshops Different?

Family Workshops at Positive Recovery Centers provide the ingredients that contribute to healthy and thriving relationships among loved ones, despite the damage that addiction has caused. With educational lectures, experiential therapy, group therapy activities, and yoga and meditation, our workshops are designed to help participants gain valuable knowledge and skills that will promote group healing and lasting sobriety.

There’s no mistaking that the impact of addiction is widespread, so Positive Recovery Centers’ Family Workshops are not just intended for immediate family members of people in recovery. They are also ideal for extended family members, blended families, close loved ones and friends, and community members. We are dedicated to furthering community healing from addiction.

Start Healing Today

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process that will require continued effort from all members of the family unit. At Positive Recovery Centers, we want to help you in that endeavor as you forge new, healthy relationships with your loved ones. Call 713-904-4699 today to get started.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone. The caring and qualified professionals at Positive Recovery Centers are here to help you determine if IOP is right for you.

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