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to complete your entire residential treatment with us in full, and follow all treatment recommendations.


if you relapse within a year of discharge, you can return once to treatment for stabilization at no cost.*

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Positive Recovery Centers Offers Drug & Alcohol Rehab in 20+ Locations Across Texas

We offer a comprehensive menu of treatment options – ranging from Medical Detox to Residential Treatment to Sober Living – that give us the ability to meet clients where they are and combat addiction at every stage. We embrace those fighting addiction and relapse to help create a sober, meaningful life worth living. We do this by helping clients identify their purpose. Listen to our leadership team discuss the Positive Recovery treatment experience below.

Positive Recovery is an approach that links the best of evidence-based treatment with new, novel interventions that enhance well-being by cultivating its components: positive emotions, engagement, healthy relationships, meaning, and achievement. The main theory of Positive Recovery is this: Addiction develops when happiness is pursued ineffectively, and recovery takes place when people pursue happiness the right way. With Positive Recovery, we lead and empower clients as they learn to fulfill their needs in more healthy ways by intervening early and normalizing use instead of using shame. We do not believe the traditional approach of treating mental illness to be anything less than noble and very respectable gains have been made using the medical-model approach in both behavioral medicine and physical medicine. Positive Recovery does not replace or demonize existing effective approaches, such as twelve-step facilitation.

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Americans who have an alcohol use disorder (alcoholism)
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Americans 12 and older who abuse illegal drugs
Young people who use illegal drugs before they graduate high school
Americans 18+ who reported that they engaged in binge drinking

Research indicates that long-term success of treatment for addiction is directly related to the length of time spent in treatment. With that in mind, not only does Positive Recovery offer three 120-day treatment options for self-paying clients but also is able to provide an appropriate level of care for every stage of addiction ranging from medical detoxification and stabilization to residential treatment all the way to outpatient treatment and aftercare options. Below you will find links to all of our drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Medical Detox

We provide medically-supervised detox and counseling that focus on your individual needs, safety, and comfort. We provide 24/7 care by nurses who specialize in addiction treatment. When you’re ready, we’ll provide personalized recommendations for the next level of care and oversee the transition.

Residential Rehab

Residential drug and alcohol rehab at PRC is offered in comfortable, welcoming, community settings and is individually tailored to prevent relapse while fostering overall health and well-being. Residential treatment helps establish a solid foundation for long-term sobriety and recovery.    

PHP Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP – also known as day treatment – provides medical and psychiatric treatment in a supportive outpatient rehab environment. PHP is focused on life skills for sobriety, relapse prevention, and the development of a personal recovery plan.

Intensive Outpatient

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to help clients achieve a sustainable sober lifestyle by reinforcing life skills and strategies that can prevent relapse. IOP helps those ready to return to work or school prioritize their recovery and establish a healthy balance in a new sober routine.

Extended Treatment

We offer high-quality, long-term addiction treatment options at a manageable cost. Learn about our three 120-day extended treatment options that allow self-paying clients the opportunity to fortify their recovery with additional time in our residential and outpatient programs.

Sober Living

Sober living homes, sometimes called transitional living homes, provide supportive, safe, and sober housing. They are ideal for those enrolled in an outpatient addiction rehab program, as well as those who do not have a stable place to live or a supportive sober environment.

Aftercare Services

Our Aftercare services provide enhanced recovery support designed to help clients learn how to live a new sober life and flourish in recovery. Our Aftercare services provide essential group support and accountability that help prevent clients from falling back into old, destructive routines.

Family Involvement

Family involvement includes workshops which consist of group therapy and educational lectures. These workshops are an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of addiction and recovery, while developing the tools needed to grow as a family after addiction.

Our Commitment

Our Assurance Program offers private pay clients an opportunity to return to treatment once within the first year after discharge for stabilization, without additional cost. This program does not include Medical Detox. The Assurance Program is designed to get your recovery back on track.

Our Commitment to Your Recovery…


We believe in what we do, we stand by our program and by those we serve. As such, we offer individuals an opportunity to return to treatment once for stabilization without additional cost anytime within the first year after discharge. Our Commitment Program is designed to get your recovery back on track.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must have private paid in full for treatment at the time of admission.
  • You must have completed your program and followed discharge recommendations.
  • This program offers a 10 to 14-day stay. However, we believe in giving clients what they need versus a definitive time frame. Those needs will be evaluated at the time of readmission and throughout the course of treatment.
  • This program does not include detoxification services. If detox is medically required, your program will begin once you have been  stabilized for residential services.

If we can support you or a loved one, please call our Admissions Team at 713-904-4699.

George Joseph

“In my 30+ years of experience in the addiction treatment industry, I have seen that the people most in need of treatment are often the ones that have the fewest options. Proper addiction treatment and rehabilitation should be available to everyone. Positive Recovery Centers believes a healthy life, free of substance abuse, should be available to anyone who is willing to claim it. What if instead of saying “goodbye” to our past addiction, we said “hello” to our new and healthy lifestyle? When we shift our narrative from focusing on addiction to embracing positive change, we give ourselves permission to grow. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be supported in their recovery. Our goal is to offer an addiction treatment program that truly makes a difference – not just in the here and now – but in the future. That is what Positive Recovery is all about.”  – George Joseph, CEO

Don’t suffer one more day. Call now for a confidential consultation. 713-904-4699