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As concerns about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) grow and information continues to evolve daily, Positive Recovery Centers  are taking every precaution to minimize exposure to both our clients and our staff by following the CDC guidelines and recommendations of the local public health agencies.  Our responses to this pandemic are based on the latest information and recommendations, and are reviewed regularly. Positive Recovery Centers is neither overlooking the severity of this current pandemic, nor are we afraid to confidently state that we feel prepared, organized and ready to help people find purpose and meaning in their lives.

To protect the health of all of our clients we are implementing remote Intensive Outpatient online treatment services effective immediately.

  • In order to qualify for remote services, clients will be required to have access to the internet and a computer/smart device that has video and audio capabilities.
  • You must have an area of your home or office with limited background noise that allows for confidentiality to and for the group.
  • All clients participating in remote services will be required to complete the informed consent for telehealth services to enroll into remote IOP.
  • Your counselor will provide you with access to our HIPAA compliant platform once your enrollment is approved.
  • We will continue our randomized urine toxicology screening which will require that you appear in person on the day that you are selected to test.
  • All requirements for IOP services shall be upheld with the remote option.

Self-Regulation: COVID-19 is a fluid situation. Every hour seems to offer new and sometimes conflicting, even sensationalistic information. There is a lot of “noise” out there. Use this strength in order to remain steadfast, focusing on the facts, and act like the English: remain calm and = carry on.

Should you be interested in seeking remote Intensive Outpatient services, please reach out to 877-476-2743 or

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