Frequently Asked Questions

Positive Recovery incorporates Dr Power’s Strength-Based Approach to Addiction Treatment Positive Recovery is a scientifically validated, empowering approach to addiction treatment developed by our chief medical officer Dr. Jason Powers. Positive Recovery is not just a program we offer; it’s part of everything we do. In combination with other evidence-based strategies and treatments, our team are specially trained in—and also participate in—Positive Recovery practices to help you discover meaning and purpose in your life without drugs and alcohol. With daily meditation and exercises, you’ll learn to build on your strengths and create a personally fulfilling recovery path.
Interrupting addiction does not build “recovery.” In fact, abstinence is only a small part of recovery. At Positive Recovery Centers, we’re successful in treating addiction because we help you regain your life, the life you were “intended” to live, have deeper, more nurturing relationships with others, and learn how to accept and appreciate yourself while tapping into your strength and wisdom. Positive Recovery strives to discover the deeper reasons behind your use of alcohol or other drugs to help you uncover effective replacements that attend to fundamental needs for meaning and purpose, satisfaction, self-determination, and connection. Doing so enables you to have a life in recovery that is ultimately rewarding and fulfilling enough to be self-sustaining. The empowering interventions used in Positive Recovery help you develop your strengths, teach you to be more optimistic and resilient, and achieve meaningful goals. In short, we give you the tools to flourish in recovery.
Intensive Outpatient Programming or IOP is a less acute level of care for people who do not meet criteria for residential treatment or are transitioning from a residential level of care. In residential treatment clients are provided 24/7 supervision while being treated at the facility for a varied period of time; typically 30-90 days. In  Intensive Outpatient clients live off site, either at home or in a sober living facility, and receive treatment on site during programming hours which range from 9-12 hours per week; typically lasting 6-8 weeks. Personalized substance abuse disorder care is created to meet the specific needs of the clients we serve. Residential programming allows clients the opportunity to focus on their treatment by being removed from distractions and influences that they have struggled to face while trying to find recovery.  As a client receiving care in intensive outpatient programming  you are engaged with treatment while navigating through “the day” while having a supportive environment to seek guidance for long term sobriety, achieving optimal wellness.
Clients will meet with counselors individually and counselors will invite family members are invited to attend our weekly Family Group. We know that treating the client and the family best serve ALL!
Please bring the following: Your picture ID Your insurance card For first visit, all medications that you are prescribed in the original containers Contact information for physicians and other treatment providers, we like to work collaboratively!
The cost of  treatment varies based on the level of care needed and insurance coverage. We accept most insurances as well as private pay. Our benefit specialists will work directly with you and your insurance company to determine your coverage and ensure you utilize the maximum benefits available to you under your plan. Call us 877 476-2743 to speak to a specialist now.
Yes. Our staff is experienced and treats the medical and mental health disorders that often co-occur with addictions, including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma and personality disorders.
We cannot guarantee that you will be sober forever, relapse or what we refer to as “recurrence of symptoms” can be a part of the recovery process. Acknowledging that substance abuse disorders are a chronic disease, we encourage our clients to contact us or their support group to get back on track right away, limiting the negative consequences of their choices and helping to choose again, more wisely. Based on your individual needs we may recommend additional care or increased monitoring.
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