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Dr. Jason Z.W. Powers, MD, MAPP – Chief Medical Officer

dr. jason powers

Dr. Jason Z.W. Powers, M.D., MAPP, is the creator of the Positive Recovery approach to treating addiction and serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Positive Recovery Centers. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Addiction Prevention and Treatment Magazine, has had blogged for Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and is a published author of When the Servant Becomes the Master, an A-to-Z guide of all things related to addiction, and the Positive Recovery Daily Guide, a self-help guide designed to intentionally boost the drivers of human happiness: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement. Dr. Powers is board-certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine and received a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Powers has been recognized as one of Houston’s “Top Doctors” 6 times by H Texas Magazine and was awarded the Compassion Award by Sierra Tucson. Dr. Powers resides in Houston with his wife and 3 children.