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PRC Alumni Community

The old saying that “the opposite of addiction is connection” rings true on so many levels. Addiction, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or any other unhealthy obsession, is deeply personal and always isolating. Even if the addict engages is her addiction within a group, she is focused on herself, her own pleasure, and her pursuit of the next high. Shame and guilt take exact their toll and the loneliness that accompanies addiction festers and grows.

True connection within a community of like-minded individuals, all working toward the same goal of a joy-filled sober life, not only offers a way out of the loneliness but also the love and support required to sustain a long-term recovery.

Completing treatment with Positive Recovery is a major milestone in your life and one that should fill you with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. Now begins the day in and day out work of maintaining your sobriety and flourishing in recovery. In order to assist, Positive Recovery Centers offers real connection through our PRC Alumni Community.

When you join the PRC Alumni Community, you’ll be given the opportunity to meet and connect with others just like yourself who are working a successful program of recovery. By participating in a wide variety of events such as bowling, dining, movies, motivational talks, alumni reunions, sporting events, and much more, you’ll implement and practice the life skills and other tools you learned in treatment. You’ll make new friends and build new connections that can help you stay sober, and you can refine essential relapse prevention techniques that will help minimize chances of relapse. But mostly, you’ll have fun and experience the joy that real connection brings!

You can join the PRC Alumni Community by downloading the PRC Alumni Community Mobile App (see instructions above right) which we highly recommend. Our mobile app gives you access to exciting events, meeting notices, live chat, exclusive motivational Zoom calls, and other resources that support a lasting recovery.

Come join our community! Be a part of something truly larger than yourself. Most of all, create real connection that will serve you well as you move forward in recovery.

How do I join Positive Recovery’s Alumni Community?

Joining the PRC Alumni Community is as simple as downloading the group’s mobile app. The instructions for downloading the app are on this page.

Can my family also join and participate in Alumni Community events?

While family are not permitted to join the PRC Alumni Community, they are always invited to participate with you in our many events.

Will my personal information be kept completely confidential?

Always. Your information will never be shared with anyone.

Are there costs associated with joining the Alumni Community?

There is no cost to join the PRC Alumni Community. If, however, any social events associated with the group require a fee, you will always know well in advance.

  1. Head for your favorite app store and search for Mighty Networks
  2. Download the Mighty Networks app and install it on your device
  3. Open the app and search for “PRC Alumni Community”
  4. Create an account and answer four simple questions then click submit.
  5. You will be notified when you are approved to join. It’s simple!