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Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Positive Transformations

“What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.”— Robin S. Sharma

It’s no secret that what we choose to focus on, we bring more of it into our lives. If we’re constantly focused on what’s wrong – what’s wrong with the world, what’s wrong with other people, or what’s wrong with ourselves, we will always be focused on problems rather than solutions. If we look hard enough, we will always find faults, dislikes, and unwanted scenarios.

On the flip side, if we’re constantly focusing on opportunities and possibilities – opportunities for growth and abundance – we begin to create more awe and wonder in our lives. We will always find that the world works in our favor, and that we’re constantly filled with joy and love for ourselves and those around us. What we focus on, we create more of. And the same principle goes for addiction recovery.

Recently on Positive Recovery MD, Dr. Jason Powers and Julie DeNofa were joined by Sheraz Hassanein. Sheraz is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta with a BA in Psychology and Sociology, and at the time of this recording, Sheraz was also an Admissions Assistant at Positive Recovery Centers. During their conversation, Dr. Powers, Julie, and Sheraz discussed the power of positive psychology and how to apply positive interventions to your own recovery journey. They also discuss the gift of helping others flourish through recovery and what it’s like to start a brand new life worth living. 

What is Positive Psychology?

According to PositivePsychology.com, Positive Psychology can be defined as “A scientific study approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behavior, with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, building the good in life instead of repairing the bad, and taking the lives of average people up to “great” instead of focusing solely on moving those who are struggling up to “normal” (Peterson, 2008).

Positive Psychology is the difference between focusing on your weaknesses and shortcomings vs. focusing on your strengths and tenacity. While acknowledging our past and taking ownership of our mistakes is essential, recognizing our strengths despite them is just as important, if not more. Positive psychology doesn’t mean we ignore our problems. It means actively pursuing positive solutions. Through this mindset, we can take an honest look at our current circumstances. We can see areas for growth and improvement. It also shows us our strengths and where we can apply our unique gifts to find deeper meaning and purpose. 

What are the Benefits of Positive Psychology in Recovery Treatment?

“At Positive Recovery Centers, it’s just as important to help people build that which creates their best life rather than only sticking to the usual relapse prevention of looking at what’s wrong with you. We’ve equipped our therapists and staff with the tools to look at what’s right in addition to what’s wrong.” — Dr. Jason ZW Powers, Co-Host of Positive Recovery MD, Chief Medical Officer at Positive Recovery Centers

We can help individuals pursue positive transformations by utilizing resources like positive psychology. Rather than interventions that focus on what’s wrong with the individual, we focus on what’s right with the individual. We can point out their bravery and courage in seeking help for their addiction, the discipline and determination in showing up to their meetings, and we’re able to point out the love, compassion, and support they have for their loved ones in recovery as well. By building people up, the confidence they have in themselves expands. Their self-love grows when they recognize their strengths and unique gifts despite their past. 

By utilizing positive psychology through the recovery journey, we can help individuals achieve a rewarding, fulfilling, and self-sufficient life that allows them to thrive in recovery. We learn how to best nurture our relationships. And how to accept and appreciate our talents, strengths, and wisdom. We understand how to set and achieve our goals and how to set healthy boundaries in our relationships, as well as learn to embrace ourselves and those around us entirely. 

Learn to Thrive in Recovery

One of the common misconceptions of addiction treatment is that merely abstaining from drugs and alcohol is the end goal. While sobriety is essential for the recovery journey, abstinence is only part of the solution to creating a meaningful life. Recovery is an active, ongoing journey that we have the power to choose to live every day. It’s more than simply not drinking or engaging in drug activity. At Positive Recovery Centers, not only do we strive to discover the deeper reasons behind substance use, we also help individuals uncover their needs for meaning, purpose, satisfaction, self-determination, and connection. 

Are you or a loved one in need of addiction treatment care but unsure where to begin or what type of treatment you need? We are happy to assist you or your loved one every step of the way. We invite you to call us at (877) 697-1383 to learn more about our 14 locations from Houston to Austin’s Hill Country and our full continuum of care ranging from Detox through Aftercare. Recovery is a journey you don’t have to fight alone. Together, we can create a life full of meaning and purpose outside of drugs and alcohol. 

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