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Jamie Demeris, Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Demeris

Jamie comes to Positive Recovery with over a decade of experience in recovery and helping others diagnosed with substance use disorder. Jamie’s career began in Houston, Texas, where he skillfully helped men and women in early recovery. Jamie was motivated to become an integral part of their journey by providing them with the assistance they needed to gain health, wellness, and see what is possible in their lives – creating a shift and helping others to identify and fulfill their meaning and purpose. Jamie’s role as Chief Operating Officer is one that utilizes his business experience supporting organizational growth. This, coupled with his passion to see others flourish, speaks directly to our mission. Jamie volunteers at treatment facilities and assists others in connecting with their bodies, minds and hearts through the practice of yoga. Jamie’s recovery foundation came through the twelve steps and his three loves are recovery and his two amazing children. Jamie is a founding member of Houston Area Treatment Partners (HATP).