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Choosing Sobriety: What Happens When We Recover Out Loud

“When we recover out loud, we speak life to those suffering in silence.”

We love a good redemption story, especially those where we can see ourselves as the main character. After fighting our inner demons and walking with our heads held high, it feels good to share that powerful story with others.

Recently, Dr. Jason Powers and Julie DeNofa chatted with Kristin Landrum about overcoming the reluctance to choose sobriety, the importance of being open about our Recovery Journey, and how Recovery helps us pick up our broken pieces for a bigger picture. 

As Kristin shares her vulnerable story of how she spiraled into years of drug and alcohol addiction after her first experience with alcohol at the age of 11 to now, living alcohol and drug-free and a mother to an 11-year-old daughter, she believes that by simply being available for others and sharing her sobriety story, she can help others find their own Recovery as well. 

The incredible thing about shining a light on the dark parts of our story is that our past no longer has a tight grip on our future. Opening up and sharing where we have been lessens the heavy load that we’ve been carrying for so long. When we choose sobriety, we create a world of opportunity. So what happens when we recover out loud?

We Allow Ourselves the Freedom to be Human 

For many of us, we choose the bottle to suppress any negative thoughts or emotions. Instead of acknowledging the feeling and where it’s coming from, we’d rather ignore and self-medicate to numb the pain. But the problem with stifling our feelings with drugs or drink is that we disable our ability to be fully human. One of the beautiful things about being human is that we carry a wide range of emotions. Joy, remorse, love, sorrow, whatever emotion you may have, positive or negative, emotions are a central part of us; It’s what makes up our DNA. When we recover out loud, we allow ourselves the freedom to be human. 

Life can be messy and unpredictable, but it can also be beautiful and fulfilling. When we choose addiction over being completely present with our emotions, not only do we silence any negative feelings we may have, we also inadvertently block out the positive ones. We’d rather feel numb than acknowledge our pain. But in doing so, we rob ourselves of the joys and simple pleasures of life. By choosing sobriety, we are promising ourselves a better future, one with a full range of emotions. We gain our humanity back when we choose a meaningful life worth living for. We know that pain is only temporary and that sorrow is only a season, but we have joy knowing that there is still goodness and a light at the end of the tunnel. 

We Exchange Guilt and Shame for Ownership and Responsibility

When we recover out loud, we free ourselves from guilt and shame. Whether it’s voices from our past or people in our lives who are unable to separate who we are from what we’ve done, guilt and shame lock us in from seeking our full potential. They keep us in the dark and silence our voices. They choke the life out of our future and keep us hidden from who we want to become. But guilt and shame have no place in our story. 

When we take full responsibility for our actions, we can learn from our past mistakes and choose to make better choices in the future. When we take full complete ownership, we can admit our faults and operate out of our strengths. By accepting our past and letting go of who we used to be, we claim victory over our future. When we recover out loud, we exchange guilt and shame for ownership and responsibility. We are no longer held down by the weight of our past or the negative opinions of others. What once held us captive no longer has a hold over us. 

We Give Others the Permission to Choose Recovery

We’ve all heard the phrase, “hurt people hurt people.” But did you know that “healed people bring healing to others”? By giving ourselves a second chance of life by seeking our healing journey, we create room for others to do the same. By recognizing that we are not alone in our story, we can link arms with those around us and pursue healing together. When we recover out loud, we give others the permission to choose Recovery. 

Simply put, choosing to recover out loud is one of the most courageous and selfless things we can do for one another. With our arms wide open, we proclaim victory over our futures together. Through acts of bravery and vulnerability, we are saying, “Hey, I’ve been where you are. Yes, it sucks. Life can be painful and messy, but that doesn’t negate the beauty and wonder of it all. It may feel dark and heavy right now but believe me; There is freedom through Recovery.” 

It’s time to put down the heavy burdens you were never meant to carry alone. There is power in sharing your story.

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