The Great Pause

I talk about “the pause” often because it was one of the most transformative tools I took away from BIG Power Yoga’s Teacher Empowerment Program. What has opened up for me through the practice of the pause is a world filled with opportunities and possibilities that did not exist prior to me learning it. Let me explain…⁣

First, a little bit about “the pause”. The pause is the access to change. Anytime you have a habit that you really want to break or change, before you can make this shift, there is a pause. There is not a time frame for the pause, some are longer than others, and most are in the milliseconds. It is in this pause, that a decision or choice is made….to go a different direction. To say a different word. To think a different thought. We unconsciously do it daily. The key is to do it intentionally. ⁣

When I experienced this tool, I had a group of 45 amazing humans that had my back. Whenever one of us was speaking and we used filler words such as “umm”, “well”, “like” etc. the entire group would holler “pineapple” and we had to pause. ⁣

If we spoke negatively about ourselves the group shouted “pineapple”. ⁣

If we said “I can’t” or “I don’t” or I shouldn’t” or “I should have” … you would hear “pineapple”. ⁣

Even if we were bashing ourselves by saying “I am so stupid” or “oh I am so bad at this” …..”pineapple”. ⁣

This practice was put into place so we could pause, get comfortable with the pause, and most importantly be intentional with our next word. ⁣

Our word creates. ⁣

My biggest lesson from this came from me saying many times “I do not read.” They would “pineapple” me and I would change my language to “in the past I did not read”. This simple shift in language changed me from “not being a reader” to “having a future where reading was possible”. I have read over 6 books since teacher training. ⁣

Rarely do I use filler words today. The words I speak are more frequently intentional than unintentional. ⁣

Back to the pause. ⁣

The pause is the access to change. Transformation. Anytime we are in the midst of something that we do not like and we want change, the pause is where it all takes place. ⁣

The pause can be painful, messy, sloppy, and uncomfortable. That’s ok. All creations are like that before they take on their beauty. Just take childbirth for example. Take parenting as another example. Or the first time you learned to play an instrument, or a sport, or a new hobby. At first, it is messy. You keep pausing and doing it again, trying something different, and then something beautiful usually transforms. ⁣

Why am I writing all of this today? ⁣

We are in The Great Pause. The universe shouted to all of us “PINEAPPLE”. This is our time to pause. Our moment to make an intentional choice for change. A choice for a future of possibilities. An opportunity to let go of all the things we were doing that did not work for us in the past. We must take a stand for ourselves, our children, our neighbors and our world and do what we know is right. Do what our hearts have been silently holding onto that we did not think was possible when the world was moving so fast and furious that we not only doubted it could be done, we simply ignored it because it just wasn’t a possibility. ⁣

Well, when we pause and stand in a space of emptiness, anything is possible. I repeat, anything. ⁣

We are paused. The world has slowed down immensely, all around us. We are in that moment where we can create whatever our hearts desire. ⁣

Follow your heart because this Great Pause is our access to the change we have all been yearning for. ⁣

-Jamie Demeris, PRC Yoga and Wellness Coach

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