Positive Recovery Benefits

• Positive Recovery® is a new, evidence-based approach to addiction treatment developed by Dr. Jason Powers.

• In combination with other evidence-based strategies and treatments, Positive Recovery® serves as a guidepost for our psychiatrists, therapists, and staff as they work to help you discover meaning and purpose in your life upon achieving sobriety.

• Interrupting addiction does not build “recovery.” In fact, abstinence is only a small part of recovery.

• In order to reach Positive Recovery’s ambitious goal of helping you find a way of life so meaningful and rewarding that you won’t easily go back to the hell of addiction, we start by briefly explaining a few concepts, starting with optimal wellness. Optimal wellness, the healthiest state of being, includes two strategies: one, you can remove the bad stuff, two, you can build the good stuff. Achieving optimal wellness often requires that we work on and remove the bad stuff. But isn't it at least as important to draw attention to what is going well? We think so, and it is in large part why Dr. Powers created Positive Recovery®.

Positive Recovery Benefits