Jason Z.W. Powers, MD

A comprehensive addiction guide for those who suffer from the disease, the loved ones affected by it, and the professionals who assist them.

The definitive guide to addiction that addresses misinformation and stigma, humanizes the disease within a framework of science, research, and personal experience, and provides a wealth of information on the various forms that addiction takes, as well as rich data regarding treatments.

When the servant becomes the master book
  • “‘When the Servant Becomes the Master’ should be required reading for those entering the field of addictions! Jason Powers combines intelligence and humor and makes a very difficult topic clear, precise, and easy to understand.”

    Rhonda S. McBride, PhD, LCDC

    Author of “Peace, Power and a Sound Mind” and “Inspirations for the Awakening Soul”

  • “When the Servant Becomes the Master’ gives any addict who may suffer from the misconception of ‘being broken’ that hope can and will come from healing. Where else can you find amazing storytelling, current vital statistics, autobiographical data, scientific theory, and true clinical education, all presented in a unique, entertaining format on a topic such as addiction?”

    Keith H. Liles, BA, LCDC, ADC III, ICADC

    CEO and Chief Clinical Officer, Extended Aftercare, Inc., National Addiction Professional of the Year 2011 Texas Addiction Counselors’ Hall of Fame Inductee

  • “Dr. Powers has been able to combine his vast clinical experience with his thorough review of related literature into a passionate and persuasive guide for patients, loved ones, and clinicians.”

    Ed Fallick, DO

    Medical Director, Young Adult Program Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center




Jason Z.W. Powers, MD

This life-changing book introduces positive interventions (PIs) that are designed to improve relationships, increase meaning and purpose in life, strengthen recovery, and balance emotional health—all while boosting overall happiness and well-being.

Avoiding a relapse is a success in itself, but really flourishing in recovery is quite another thing. That’s why these PIs are made to build a foundation that is tailored to help you thrive throughout the process.

With a new PI for every day of the year, readers quickly learn the benefits of developing positive habits (aiming for progress over perfection), how journaling can help them achieve their goals, the healing effects of meditation, and much more.

When the servant becomes the master book
  • “Dr. Powers puts the resilience in recovery! Positive Recovery® Daily Guide is an invaluable recovery tool that combines the right amount of inspiration and structure to support the newly recovering into long-term resilience”

    Crystal Collier, PhD, LPC-S

    Director, Behavioral Health Institute at the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston

  • “Dr. Jason Powers continues to write with thoughtfulness and rich insight. His book communicates practical, engaging tools to awaken individuals in recovery.”

    Bryan M. Davis, MD, DABAM

  • “...Personally I loved the direct, succinct style of presenting what can be for many a simple, direct process in their lives. This work rolls medicine, science, recovery, and psychology all into some amazing thoughts and tools that anyone can use to enrich his or her life.

    Dr. Don Hauser, MD

    President, The Hauser Clinic